Hi! I'm Steven.

Builder of Teams, Software Architect, and Product Designer living in Chicago, IL

More about me

I like to help.

I like to help improve product development processes, recruit and build product teams, add technical vision to strategic conversations, contribute to open source projects, or just be present and supportive of your cause.

The story so far

You should see my hat rack.

Code Shipper

I build projects that ship, regularly and often, throughout the stack.

Open source work »


You can also find my ideas and experiences in video training and live talks.

Publications »


I've also got the ability and desire to make the people around me better.

Volunteer experience »


Life for me began as a carpenter, building scenery for theatrical productions.

Theatre experience »

Let's Get In Touch!

Ready to talk about your next project? Interested in a speaking engagement? Curious what I am up to? Have a food, film, or music recommendation?

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