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Hello - I’m Steven Maguire. I’ve been building software since 2004.

Most recently, from January 2016 to February 2018, I had been using my powers to help office mail management suck a little bit less as Vice President of Technology at Earth Class Mail. The product technology stack included C#/.NET, Ruby on Rails, client-side JavaScript, and a mixture of Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services.

After two years of helping the Earth Class Mail technology team grow from two team members to ten, I decided to leave to pursue new opportunities where I can focus on building healthy, productive technology teams that provide stability, continuing education, mentorship, and career tracks for engineers, and support staff, of all experience levels.

In the remaining time I am actively involved in the Chicago tech meetup community, contributing to open source projects, authoring online training material, talking about product development, and volunteering for The All-Stars Project, Development School for Youth as a Program Associate.

For the better part of 2015 I was lending a helping hand to a few early and growth stage startups in Chicago; improving product development processes, recruiting and building product teams, and adding technical vision to strategic conversations.

In the previous chapter of my life, I was redefining the textbook industry for both students and publishers at Packback as the Head of Engineering. I left them in good hands.

Prior to joining the Packback team I helped transition TrainSignal into the trusting hands of Pluralsight. At TrainSignal I served four years as the technology team leader, product owner, and an engineer where I contributed a fair amount of C#, JavaScript & PHP code. I also flexed my UX and Certified Usability Analyst muscles to design & build a game changing subscription based online learning platform for IT professionals.

I joined teams to produce films for the 48 Hour Film Festival in Chicago, IL. First with Catington Station for a silent film in 2012. Then with Whiskey Muzzle for another film in 2013.

I produced a short film and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media Production from East Carolina University in 2008.

While attending East Carolina University, I designed and developed a lot of small projects and created a blog that focused on people named “Steven” with my good friends Graham and Rich.

My personal projects are typically composed of one or more of these frameworks, tools, and technologies:

  • Laravel - an open source PHP framework.
  • Ruby on Rails - an open source Ruby framework.
  • AngularJS - a popular JavaScript framework.
  • Foundation & Bootstrap - frameworks to develop front-end code faster and better.
  • Codeship - powerful continuous integration and delivery.
  • Envoyer - no downtime deployment of php applications.
  • Forge - easy server configuration and management of applications tuned for php.
  • Trello - a simple tool for organizing any project.
  • DigitalOcean - simple cloud hosting, built for developers.
  • Twilio - a fun platform for adding SMS and telephony functionality to web applications.
  • Pusher - a service that provides API support to leverage HTML5 WebSockets and make web applications respond in realtime.

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